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Does Salt Affect How Much We Eat?

People like the taste of junk food. When looking at the basic composition of foods like macaroni and cheese, pizza, French fries, and fried chicken, they are generally fatty, starchy, and almost always salty. Fat and carbohydrate intake offer us energy, yet salt is energy-free. Interestingly, a person’s salt appetite is one of the few [...]

Fiber: Are You Getting Enough?

Nuts and berries on the wooden table Do you get enough fiber? The odds are pretty good that you don’t get the recommended daily amount since only five percent of adults consume adequate dietary fiber (1). The Institute of Medicine recommends at least 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men every [...]

R E S U L T S ✦ Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday celebrates Terri M.! I love my work because I LOVE helping people, like Terri, reach their health goals! Nothing is more rewarding than helping others change not only the way they look, but the way the feel! Here is what Terri has to say, "Crazy! I'm still blown away with my results!! 50 [...]

Could Routine Cleanse Days Help You Live Longer?

One of the unique parts of an Isagenix system is its Cleanse Days. As anyone who uses Isagenix products knows well, performing routine Cleanse Days are at the heart of gaining the greatest health benefits. This is because Cleanse Days help “reset” cellular mechanisms in the body, sparking fat burning, detoxification, and a host of [...]

Controlling Blood Sugar to Age Gracefully

Controlling Blood Sugar to Age Gracefully Manage blood sugar now for a healthy tomorrow. Almost half of all Americans have blood sugar concentrations that are considered too high, with those over 60 being especially at risk (1). Uncontrolled, it could mean a higher risk of metabolic syndrome and eventual chronic disease. The reason is that [...]

Can You Turn Fat Into Muscle?

This question is more common than you may think: Can you turn body fat into muscle? The answer is simple—no. At least, you can’t change body fat into muscle directly. However, indirectly, you can work to burn fat and replace it with muscle. To fully explain how this works, we need to explain how resistance [...]

R E S U L T S ✦ Adam Nesbitt

Adam Nesbitt This 16 week challenge has completely altered my view on life.. 3/4 of the way through and I can't believe how much my mindset towards everything has changed.. I can't wait to write that essay guys! ❤ I'm using my journey as inspiration for others to step into their greatness, their power and [...]