Kane Anderson is a personal trainer but WOW what a difference he achieved during his first 16 weeks when he used the nutrition along with his consistency with workouts! Kane shares, "I’ve never been overweight but I've always yo-yo’d with regards to staying lean and being able to keep my beach body/abs all year round. [...]

R E S U L T S ✦ Transformation Tuesday!

Here's what Ash Walden has to say: "BEFORE ISAGENIX: The pic of me on the left (taken the same month I started Isa) I wanted to delete. I actually cried when I saw it and blamed it all on bad angles and lighting ???? I had a three month old beautiful girl via c-section, I [...]

R E S U L T S ✦ Transformation Tuesday!

We love hearing these stories! This one comes from Emma-Lea Katrina Hill!! Here's what she says: For all those people that don't understand my health journey, who told me it wouldn't work or straight out told me that it's all a load of shit.. It's ok.. I was once saying all of those exact same things... [...]

R E S U L T S ✦ Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday celebrates Terri M.! I love my work because I LOVE helping people, like Terri, reach their health goals! Nothing is more rewarding than helping others change not only the way they look, but the way the feel! Here is what Terri has to say, "Crazy! I'm still blown away with my results!! 50 [...]

R E S U L T S ✦ Adam Nesbitt

Adam Nesbitt This 16 week challenge has completely altered my view on life.. 3/4 of the way through and I can't believe how much my mindset towards everything has changed.. I can't wait to write that essay guys! ❤ I'm using my journey as inspiration for others to step into their greatness, their power and [...]

R E S U L T S ✦ Promise Manthey

So I've been keeping this to pretty much to myself, taking the time to let it sink in & allow myself to appreciate this mile stone. I am so filled with grattitude & excitement to be able to say that I am now a member of the 100lb club! Isa has completely changed my life [...]