13260077_10153519140652031_4204665119192613249_nWe love hearing these stories! This one comes from Emma-Lea Katrina Hill!!

Here’s what she says:

For all those people that don’t understand my health journey, who told me it wouldn’t work or straight out told me that it’s all a load of shit.. It’s ok.. I was once saying all of those exact same things… but why did I finally give in to giving it a go?? Because I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.

In January… I made that new years resolution that many of us say we will do.. and forget about within the first few weeks, sometimes days.. I said this year.. I will lose weight and I will live a healthier lifestyle.

It took me talking to many people over a few months to take them seriously.
I was one of those skeptical people, infact, when I said Yes to giving it a go I was skeptical… I was skeptical when I ordered.. and I was a skeptic even once I started using the products.

Before I started my Nutritional Cleansing Program I was overweight, disappointed in myself and stopped caring about myself. All of this caused me to hold myself back in situations as I had a lack of self confidence. Finding myself being the girl who’d say, “I’ll start on Monday”. and not wanting to interact or participate in any group activities.

I have now been living this amazing lifestyle for 5 months!!

As a result I have lost weight, and am excited to be making progress in loving myself more and feeling more alive.
I now feel confident to say “Yes!” to opportunities, implementing new fitness activities in my life and jumping out of bed with energy and I’m now getting involved and participating in activities outside of my comfort zone.