13393905_10154720527980639_5187146342431546947_nHere’s what Ash Walden has to say:

The pic of me on the left (taken the same month I started Isa) I wanted to delete. I actually cried when I saw it and blamed it all on bad angles and lighting ???? I had a three month old beautiful girl via c-section, I had been eating for two throughout my pregnancy. I was breastfeeding a million times a day, including up to 10 times a night. I was exhausted. I didn’t have that ‘new mum glow’ that everyone appeared to get after having a baby. I was in tears ALOT, and blamed it on hormones…. My poor husband , right?

My eyes were sad. I hid away from photos. Couldn’t take a compliment. My skin was horrible, and I just constantly felt like a big pile of BLAH. I was also surrounded by people that loved joining my pity party.

The pic on the right was taken today ????  Let me paint you a picture. Two beautiful healthy babies (2.5years old and 15 months) More energy than my kids. No more stress. I have learned how to love ME! I haven’t been to the gym in 6 weeks and I can still maintain the body I want. My life is crazy busy, but I’m the healthiest I have EVER been! I sleep amazingly well and wake up REFRESHED! I am confident, happy and I feel so alive. I am the mum I always wanted to be to my kids and I can show them how to love life and believe in themselves – I’m setting an example I always dreamed of. I’m also now surrounded by the most beautiful people who have the same passion for life and also have a burning desire to help others. And I get to pay this forward to others full time …

What changed?
Receiving a big brown box to my door… It was filled with natural products that I was able to take even while I was breastfeeding. But the box also contained : my confidence, self love, awareness, a beautiful community, endless support, the best health ever, energy, passion and it also gave us a vehicle that allows us to help people change their life too – AND I get to do this from home or ANYWHERE I WANT! So I have time and flexibility around my beautiful kids so I can be the most hands on mum ever ❤️