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Beyond Detox: How Fasting “Cleanses” Your Cells

In what is yet another clue that performing Nutritional Cleanse Days can be profoundly good for you, nutrition scientists are now encouraging the occasional fast or skipping of meals for better health. Fasting periodically might also bring the added benefit of “cleansing” cells of junk and debris, according to researchers in a review paper published [...]

You Owe It To Yourself!

Jesse Johnson Here is my 11 month progress photo. Just wanted to share that this system will continue to work as long as you continue to use it. Yes I use the nutrition and eat clean 90% of the time. I have 3 kids so its hard to eat clean all the time. I workout [...]

Are you inspired?

From Ellen Frazier Cooke‎: I used to dread walking around the neighborhood on Halloween. It hurt my feet, my legs would ache. I'd lose my breath. I would avoid crowded areas so no one would see me. I'd think about getting home to sit on the couch and taste test all of the Halloween candy. Not [...]